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четверг, 29 марта 2012 г.

[req024net] I Damned Mainstream Vol.2 [released by REQ Recordings 30.03.12]

01 - The Outer Space - Iron Planet [08:04]
02 - Lockhead - Ehoh [04:32]
03 - Algesis - Upheaval [04:42]
04 - Atma Moon - Dream Illusion [04:16]
05 - Seedart - AEdes [06:29]
06 - klaus kinski - They Are Here [05:25]
07 - S-Tek - How To! [04:10]
08 - Gologan - Whisper [04:20]
09 - ShtiFt - Hawermoint [02:53]
10 - Hoverland - The Swarm [06:05]
total time: [51:01]

Mixed Version*: [47:36]

album: I Damned Mainstream vol.2

format: mp3, flac
amount of tracks: 10
quality (mp3): 2 channels, constant bit rate: 320 kbps, sampling rate: 44.1 kHz
quality (flac): 2 channels, variable bit rate, sampling rate: 44.1 kHz

label: REQ Recordings
catalog number: req024net
REQ collection: WHITE BOX
release date: 30 March 2012
graphics design of cover: mr.Girovago, Valery Goman
license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)
contacts: reqrecordings@gmail.com; http://soundcloud.com/reqrecordings; http://www.archive.org/details/req-recordings

description: Before you the second part of the "I Damned Mainstream" compilation by REQ Recordings. This time the works, as usual, are experimental and innovative. We think everyone can find something interesting for himself by listening to this music. The fans of the "I Damned Mainstream vol.1" release will be glad that the second part contains more Industrial and Glitch tracks. It should be noted that this time the compilation is released with the Mixed Version in FLAC and MP3 formats; we hope, it helps you to feel deeply the atmosphere of this music.

tracks info:

1. "Iron Planet"
genre: IDM, Glitch
artist: The Outer Space
track written by The Outer Space

2. "Ehoh"
genre: IDM, Glitch
artist: Lockhead
track written by Lockhead

3. "Upheaval"
genre: IDM, Ambient, Industrial
artist: Algesis
track written by Algesis

4. "Dream Illusion"
genre: IDM, Glitch
artist: Atma Moon
track written by Atma Moon

5. "AEdes"
genre: IDM, Ambient
artist: Seedart
track written by Seedart

6. "They Are Here"
genre: Industrial, Dark Ambient
artist: klaus kinski
track written by klaus kinski

7. "How To!"
genre: IDM, Experimental
artist: S-Tek
track written by S-Tek

8. "Whisper"
genre: Breaks, Experimental
artist: Gologan
track written by Gologan

9. "Hawermoint"
genre: IDM, Glitch
artist: ShtiFt
track written by ShtiFt

10. "The Swarm"
genre: Dark Ambient
artist: Hoverland
track written by Hoverland

*mixed by Any Of My Names (for Mixed Versions of release)

FREE DOWNLOAD (mp3 320, flac):

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