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понедельник, 13 февраля 2012 г.

[req009net] I Damned Mainstream vol.1 [released by REQ Recordings 18.09.10]

01 - Spanky - Voices In My Head [03:16]
02 - The O.P. - Dust [06:29]
03 - Master Shtefan - My Broken Soul [03:27]
04 - Seedart - Compact [edit] [02:01]
05 - ShtiFt - Motorbrain [03:57]
06 - Atma Moon - Distorted Reality [03:15]
07 - Any Of My Names - Why Do Elephants Think About Stars? [04:37]
08 - Claustrophobic Link - Because Your World Is Empty [03:36]
09 - Algesis - Fuga Idearum [04:42]
10 - Vena Portae - They... [10:31]
total time: [45:51]

album: I Damned Mainstream vol.1

format: mp3, flac
amount of tracks: 10
quality (mp3): 2 channels, constant bit rate: 320 kbps, sampling rate: 44.1 kHz
quality (flac): 2 channels, variable bit rate, sampling rate: 44.1 kHz

label: REQ Recordings
catalog number: req009net
REQ collection: BLACK BOX
release date: 18 September 2010
graphics design of cover: Eugene Boyko
license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)
contacts: reqrecordings@gmail.com; http://soundcloud.com/reqrecordings; http://www.archive.org/details/req-recordings

description: "I Damned Mainstream vol.1" - it is the first compilation by REQ RECORDINGS, which includes works in genres: IDM, Hard IDM, Glitch, Noise, Dark Ambient - and represents one large experiment with an aim to connect the whole variety of modern experimental kinds of music. We collected works of musicians from all over Russia, each of which is unique and realizes new and interesting ideas. Musical genres in this compilation form a peculiar opposition against "mainstream" genres namely popular dance electronic music. Each work in "I Damned Mainstream vol.1" has a very deep sense and its own composition which will amaze you by some noise and anti-musical moments, but will stay in your memory so colorful and affecting.

tracks info:

1. "Voices In My Head"
genre: Ambient, Noise
artist: Spanky
track written by Spanky

2. "Dust"
genre: Hard IDM
artist: The O.P. (The Ondatra Project)
track written by The O.P. (The Ondatra Project)

3. "My Broken Soul"
genre: Hard IDM, Jungle
artist: Master Shtefan
track written by Master Shtefan

4. "Compact"
genre: IDM, Glitch
artist: Seedart
track written by Seedart

5. "Motorbrain"
genre: IDM, Glitch
artist: StiFt
track written by StiFt

6. "Distorted Reality"
genre: Noise, IDM
artist: Atma Moon
track written by Atma Moon

7. "Why Do Elephants Think About Stars?"
genre: IDM, Glitch
artist: Any Of My Names
track written by Any Of My Names

8. "Because Your World Is Empty"
genre: IDM, Trip-Hop
artist: Claustrophobic Link
track written by Claustrophobic Link

9. "Fuga Idearum"
genre: IDM, Glitch, Industrial
artist: Algesis
track written by Algesis

10. "They..."
genre: Dark Ambient, Noise
artist: Vena Portae
track written by Vena Portae

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